The 22nd OSAKA International Music Competition Final Round Registration Method

We are pleased to inform that you have passed the regional round of the 22nd OSAKA International Music Competition in Seoul.

Registration deadline is 20th August 2021.
For application, please refer to the final round guidelines at

For the final round guidelines, please visit the application guidelines page at
You can find the “Successful Candidates in the Overseas Regional Rounds” at the bottom of the page.
hen, click the “22nd Guidelines Final Round_ORR (PDF)”.

For registration, you should fill out the online registration form for the final round. Participation fee must be paid before submission.

The final round schedule will be arranged after all the semi-final/regional rounds are finished. Contestant will receive the schedule and other information by approximately 10 days before the final round.

Dates and venues for the final round     *Schedule is subject to change without notice. 

October 7

Piano Age-G, Two Pianos, Four Hands

Muramatsu Recital Hall Shin-Osaka

October 8

Piano Age-U

Muramatsu Recital Hall Shin-Osaka

Folk Instruments, Duo, Ensemble, Recital Course

Abeno Kumin (Ward) Center

Vocal Musical Course, Early Music

Hyogo Performing Arts Center Recital Hall

October 9

Piano Age-E3/H

Muramatsu Recital Hall Shin-Osaka

Strings Age-J/U, Wind Instruments

Abeno Kumin (Ward) Center

October 10

Piano Age-E1/E2/J

Muramatsu Recital Hall Shin-Osaka

Strings Age-E1/E2/E3/H/G/Harp

Abeno Kumin (Ward) Center

Vocal Music Age-J/H/U/G

Takatsuki Gendai Gekijo Middle Hall

Grand Final=Gala Concert: 11 October at Takatsuki Gendai Gekijo Middle Hall

Awards Ceremony: Takatsuki Gendai Gekijo Middle Hall

Addresses of venues

[Muramatsu Recital Hall Shin-Osaka]
1F SORA Shin-Osaka 21 bldg., 2-1-3 Nishimiyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka

[Abeno Kumin(Ward) Centre]
4-19-118 Abenosuji Abeno-ku Osaka

[Hyogo Performing Arts Centre Recital Hall] 2-22 Takamatsu-cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo

[Takatsuki Gendai Gekijo]
2-33 Nomi-cho Takatsuki city Osaka

There are immigration restrictions at the moment please check your local Embassy or 

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website for the latest information.

If not able to come to Japan due to the immigration restrictions, 

     your final round eligibility will be extended to next year.